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Free Career Counselling


1. We always advice enquirers (Online and Tele enquirers) to personally visit the Academy and spend approx half an hour (max) with our front office councellors. Across the table discussion with our councellors will be highly helpful in determining correctly, the following :-

  • Your eligibility factor for various exams, since everything depends on your date of birth (as recorded in your Xth certificate) and your present academic status.
  • Your medical / physical fitness record and your present status including past medical history, if any.
  • Your desirability for different careers, in order of priority, if any and your aptitude for the same.
  • Your present Academic commitments vis-à-vis your personal time table including travelling time etc.
  • Any other preferences / factors which needs a focused analysis by our councellors.

2. Also, during personal visits, after determining the above eligibility and misc factors, the Academy issues COURSE DETAILS w.r.t a particular chosen course

3. The “COURSE DETAILS’ enumerates, in detail, the various aspects of the “PARTICULAR COURSE” which is chosen by the enquirer and wants an “INDEPTH” analysis of the course including aspects like, timings, daily time table, methodology of teaching, syllabi and host of other issues related to the course. This process helps the enquirer to have an “INDEPTH” understanding of the course he / she wishes to enroll in. All literature are given free of cost to the enquirers.

4. Collection and reading of the aforesaid course details is an absolute must on part of the student, before enrollment.

5. We therefore advice enquirers (Online / Tele enquiries) to visit the Academy personally and experience a free and detailed career counseling across the table. This is designed for your benefit and career alignment / growth and what more! It is absolutely free of cost.


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