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By Dermott, Brigit

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ISBN-13: 9781576854235

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D. bratty oppressive regal beautiful twisted forced miserable increased 168. irksome garment bell mass weight a. b. c. d. 34 outrageous fearsome impoverished annoying 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 169. regulate 175. lissome a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. even police flow position slow honest supple dull 170. warrant 176. misprize a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. justify burrow hide integrity despise devalue erroneous covet 171. protract 177. impugn a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. hire fold delay corner 172. lax a. b.

Lapidarian unformed unchanging elaborate selective a. b. c. d. 218. vertiginous a. b. c. d. wallflower highway melody plan horizontal litigious constant lowly 44 square secular pasture inelegant 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions Answers 186. b. gracious means to be pleasant in a social situation, or cordial; rude means to be unpleasant 187. a. valor means strength of mind or spirit, or courage; cowardice means lack of courage 188. a. one meaning of severe is strict; lenient means mild or indulgent 189.

Concede tumble sleek fast distant a. b. c. d. 196. garner a. b. c. d. free sullied wide thorough sit withstand dismiss elaborate 202. placate unravel mar squander tarnish a. b. c. d. appease strip tremendous enrage 197. prodigal 203. popular a. b. c. d. a. b. c. d. thrifty secondary distant squalid 42 empty uncommon famous feisty 501 Synonym & Antonym Questions 204. felicitous a. b. c. d. 210. adroit morbid boorish inopportune delightful a. b. c. d. 205. austere a. b. c. d. 211. mite lavish unfavorable light devout a.

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