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Admissions & Registration

Though the admissions are open to all eligible students, the academy only inducts LIMITED number of students and exceed 35 students in a classroom in order to maintain the necessary students/lecturers ratio and quality necessary in such academic activity. 1 year/2years inter supported courses admissions are subject to clearance of admission test and personal interview by the student.The admission form will be purchased against receipt by the parent/student and then filled correctly and legibly in English language and during submission will be checked by the front office staff of the Academy for its correctness. Mistakes if any will be corrected as far as practical. The Academy, as a matter of policy, does not accept outstation cheques /DD’s /Banker’s cheques or cheques/DD’s/Banker’s cheques drawn on any co-operative banks for any payments.


During the purchase of the admission form, detailed instructions are given to the purchaser so as how to fill up the form. The form itself has a separate sheet titled, “How to fill out this form” which gives out detailed instructions about the “DO’S” and “DONT’S” of filling out the form.

If despite the above, the admission form is wrongly filled, having incorrect information, illegibly written, mutilated, torn or damaged, stained or dirty etc the management reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of the said spoilt form and also the course fee and the admission of the candidate and the decision of the management will be final and binding. No refund of the cost of the admission form will be entertained under any circumstances in such a case.

The parent/student is however welcome to purchase one more form at full cost against receipt and fill out the same correctly and resubmit for acceptance along with the fee etc. This will be accepted if seats exists in the course by that time.

Necessary photographs, cash/DD, postdated cheques, signatures, necessary attachments etc should be submitted along with the admission form, as applicable for the course as per course details given without which the admission form will not be accepted.

Token advance equal to the first installment can be paid to reserve the seat in advance by signing a MOU available in the reception which clearly mentions the time period as decided by the student and parent/guardian within which the rest of the formalities including payment of PDC’s are to be completed by the parent/guardian and if this time period is exceeded for whatever the reasons as mentioned in the “Token advance MOU” signed by the parent/guardian and formalities are not completed within the time period mentioned as an understanding by and between the student and parent/guardian and the management of the Officers Academy, then the deposited amount will be forfeited by the Academy and the amount deposited against receipt will not be refunded under any circumstances by the Academy. This is clearly and explicitly mentioned in the “Token advance MOU” for advance booking of seats and explained in depth by the Academy reception staff to the parent/guardian and student who wish to choose to advance book their seats by payment of the first installment applicable for that course.

Further, the Academy also reserves the right to offer this “filled seat” to any other fresh candidate with full payment as applicable for that course later since that seat will remain unoccupied.

Once all the formalities are completed by the parent/guardian and student in filling out the form correctly including submission of Cash/DD, PDC’s, photographs and necessary attachments etc, the same will be checked and necessary receipts will be given to the parent/guardian and student against signatures on receipts (office copies) by the submitter of the said documents and attachments.

Once all the receipts are handed over to the parent/guardian and student against signatures in office copies, the following is assumed to be confirmed:

  • That the student stands admitted into the course and the seat is awarded to the particular student for that particular course. Thereafter this seat will be termed as “filled seat” which cannot be offered to any other student.
  • That the student and parents/guardian has undergone detailed prior interaction with the front office staff about the course, its syllabi and contents, teaching methodology details, competence of lecturers and staff, verification of the past history and results of the Academy, the timings of the course etc. and all other aspects of the Academy and the course offered in depth including the fee structure etc and have fully satisfied himself/herself before taking the admission in all respects. Only after full satisfaction, the parent/guardian and student has come forward to take the admission and pay the fee with a free will.
  • That the students and parents/guardian has received and gone through in detail both the part I & II of the “Rules governing the Officers Academy” and undertake to fully abide by the same at all times, without exception and are fully satisfied with the contents therein.
  • That the student and parent/guardian has taken the admission with a free will without any coercion and after fully satisfying himself/herself and all necessary verifications required in all aspects of the courses and services provided by the OFFICERS ACADEMY.
  • That the Officers Academy admits students on a limited basis only and once a seat has been offered to a ward and admission formalities are completed, either partly or fully, this seat is termed as a “filled seat” after which other eligible and willful students in the same time has been refused that seat and that the “filled seat” cannot be offered to anyone else at that particular time period. This “filled seat” and the student enrolled therefore cannot be replaced. All admissions granted are nontransferable and also the course in which the student has been admitted once, is not interchangeable.
  • Therefore, once admission formalities are completed and necessary receipts are given to the parent/guardian and student including the receipts of all the post dated cheques, no refund of fee including the post dated cheques given as installments, either partly or fully will be given under any circumstances and no debate will be entertained in this regard.
  • That the discontinuation of the ward from the course at any stage, for whatever reasons will not make the student and parent/guardian eligible for any refund of fee including the post dated cheques given as installments, either partly or fully and therefore no refund of fee paid will be entertained by the Academy and no debate will be entertained in this regard.
  • That the Academy will run its classes normally despite any student or students of any batch discontinuing for whatever reasons and even if “one” student remains in the batch, the classes will be conducted normally for that one student and the institution will pay all the Lectures their salaries and also to the staff and will meet all its expenses normally on monthly basis till the end of the course. Therefore, no refund of fee either partly or fully can be given to any Student and Parent/Guardian under any circumstances once the admission is granted to a student, by the Academy.
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