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Why should you do this course and advantages of doing this course


  1. Officers Academy is the only Institute who trains for Inter level MPC group with Engineering entrances (JEE & State Eamcet) Along with the option of National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance. This is the only institute who has this option.
  2. Over the years, it was noticed by the institution, while interacting with the students and parents community that MPC students, especially wanted an alternate career option apart from the routine of JEE / EAMCET option since due to various reasons, majority of students did not prefer to give engineer option as their first and only career option in life.
  3. Students community temperamentally, wanted more dynamic option to join up as pilots / navigators / submarines / ships and Aircraft careers and paratroopers / skydivers etc., since they felt that Engineering careers are highly “one sided” and did not bring out the best of an individuals personality, in the long run. Moreover due to normalization of marks and categories of entry.
  4. Therefore, to bring out the best, in the students personality, the OFFICERS ACADEMY is the only institute which gives the option to students to write the NDA entrance (conducted by the UPSC) to seek a career in the Indian Armed Forces as Class-I commissioned officers.
  5. Over the past 28 years (as on 2016), the Academy has given to the nation, thousands of commissioned officers who have become officers in the Army / Navy or the Air force and added to the MIGHT OF THE NATION.
  6. Therefore the apt phrase “SHAPING MINDS, CARVING CAREERS, Since 1988” which suits the Credo of the OFFICERS ACADEMY.


  1. Our intermediate backed Medical Entrances coaching is an integrated course targeting the Bipc group students, who wish to choose “Medicine” as their future choice, through the central NEET and State EAMCET exams.
  2. Our targeted methodology of coaching is to bifurcate Botany and Zoology in to separate teaching track sheet, sub topic wise, and hence to lay emphasis on each of subtopic chronologically in relation to the weight age.
  3. We are in this field of coach and training Bipc students with intermediate backing since 1998 and have shown excellent results over the years, consistently.

INTER WITH NDA + Civil Services Foundation

  1. Though we have started recently, we felt differently from following all other institutions who routinely do CA CPT (for Chartered Accountancy) for MEC / CEC groups.
  2. We felt that MEC / CEC groups , should have better and varied options then choosing just Chartered Accountancy for which some students may not be suitable temperamentally.
  3. We, therefore, are the only institution in Hyderabad who have the option of CEC / MEC groups with National Defence Academy (NDA) and IAS Foundation integrated.
  4. This way students have the option of choosing the NDA entrance at the 10+2 level or opt for CSAT during their graduation / B.Tech levels.
  5. This is a unique concept, provided only by Officers Academy
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